Online CGH Tumor Database



The Online CGH Tumor Database established in April 1999 provides information about part of the CGH tumor collectives investigated in our group.

The tumor collectives listed below can be explored in two different ways:

  1. non-interactive database browsing (recommended if you are first-time user)
  2. interactive database browsing

You can select your preferred method after clicking on a tumor collective. More information about the two methods.
Furthermore, the CGH tumor database can be searched for cases showing any desired pattern of chromosomal alteration.


Tumor collectives

Cervix carcinomas

Lung carcinomas

Cell lines

Small-cell lung cancer (SCLC)

Publication: Petersen et al., British Journal of Cancer (1997), 75(1), 79-86

Squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs)

Publication: Petersen et al., British Journal of Cancer (2000), 82(1), 65-73
Comparison between primaries and metastases

Combined carcinomas


Journal of Pathology (2001)  (Patient data)
Publication: Goeze et al., Journal of Pathology (2001), accepted for publication
Comparison between primaries and metastases
Primary adenocarcinoma (L319) and two intrapulmonary metastases (CGH profiles and histological images)

Mamma carcinomas

Cell lines

Ductal and lobular breast carcinomas and sub collectives

Publication: Richard et al., Int J Cancer {Pred Oncol} (2000), 89(3), 305-310
Ductal and lobular breast carcinomas
Sub collectives from union of ductal and lobular breast carcinoma collectives

Head and neck carcinomas

Squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs)

Comparison between metastasising and non-metastasising tumors
Publication: Bockmuhl et al., Cancer Research (1997), 57, 5213-5216
Chromosomal alterations correlated with survival
Publication: Bockmuhl et al., Am J Pathol (2000), 157(2), 369-375
Comparison of primary tumors and their corresponding lymph node metastases
Publication: Bockmuhl et al., Genes Chromosomes Cancer (2002), 33,29-35

Esthesioneuroblastomas  (Doctoral thesis by You)

Publication: Bockmuhl et al., Brain Pathology (2004), 14, 158-163
Comparison between primaries and metastases or recurrencies

Brain tumors

Metastases of different primaries

Publication: Petersen et al., Brain Pathology (2000), 10, 395-401

Pilocytic astrocytomas

Publication: Neurosurg Focus (2000) 8(4): Clinical Pearl 2


Colorectal carcinomas

Advanced colorectal carcinomas  (Patient data)

Publication: Knosel et al., Virchows Arch (2002), 440, 2, 187-194

Alterations during lymphatic and liver metastasis formation

Publication: Knosel et al., Neoplasia (2004), 6, 1, 23-28

Chromosomal alterations in lung metastases of colorectal carcinomas: associations with tissue specific tumor dissemination

Ovarian tumors


LMP tumors


Non-serous carcinomas
Serous carcinomas

Cell lines