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NDP calls for ban on Comic Sans typeface

Posted by Tyler Kinch on November 11th, 2007

As a graphic designer I found this really amusing.


UPDATE: There seems to be a bit of confusion on this. This was a youth model parliament, where high school students can learn how the legislative proccess works. I’m sure that there were crazy motions from all parties. I just found this one amusing as I am a graphic designer… and in that profession, Comic Sans is the devil!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Movement:

You may be pleased to know that the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) included the clause “Ban the font known as Comic Sans” in its recent omnibus ban bill, proposed at the 2005 session of Ontario Model Parliament in Canada.

After the governing Liberals and opposition Conservatives both opposed other parts of the omnibus legislation, the NDP caucus proposed a motion to sever the bill, which would result in a separate vote on the Comic Sans ban (recognizing the importance of this issue). Unfortunately, unanimous consent was not obtained from the House, and the bill was voted on as a whole.

Ultimately, the omnibus bill was only supported by the entire NDP caucus (eight members of Provincial Parliament), and opposed by all other members.
The struggle continues.

In Solidarity,
NDP Against Comic Sans

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2 Responses to “NDP calls for ban on Comic Sans typeface”

  1. Frank Straka Says:

    And this is why the NDP will NEVER run Canada. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Typical NDP, can’t think past their assholes.

  2. Tyler Kinch Says:

    Umm… you realize this was a model youth parliament, right? I’m sure the other parties had motions regarding free alcohol :P

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